Intramural Co-Rec Broomball Championship

Intramural Co-Rec Broomball Championship

MARQUETTE, Mich– On Wednesday, April 26, 2 teams fiercely competed for the chance at the Co-Rec Broomball league championship title. The teams tonight were the 5 seed team, “WILD” and the 2 seed, “The Dirty Birds”.

For those readers unaware of the rules of broomball, check out NMU Intramural’s official broomball rule guide here:

The first period ended in a stale mate as both teams were so evenly matched. The second period however was kicked off by a goal by “WILD” and they held their lead for the rest of the period. The third and final period was marked by a second and third goal by the ‘WILD’ bringing the score to 3-0 with mere minutes left in the game.

I spoke to Darrin Koivisdo, captain of “WILD” after the game. Koivisdo tells me that the group has played IM sports together in the past. Koivisdo names Kevin Pennala as the game’s MVP for his 2 goals.

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Intramural Hockey Championship

Intramural Hockey Championship

MARQUETTE, Mich– On Wednesday, April 26, 2 teams battled it out at the Berry Events Center for the chance to earn the 2017 Intramural Hockey Championship title. The competitors were the “Snow Squalls” vs “Shootin’ Blanks.”

Both teams were eager to show what they had as the game began early. The Squall’s secured an early lead with 2 points in the first period. But ‘Shootin’ Blanks’ was not going to give up that easily as they came into the 2nd period and put up a goal in the first 30 seconds. The ‘Blanks’ managed to tie things up with 2 minutes left in the period and pushed into the lead during the 3rd period making the score 3-2. The ‘Squalls’ weren’t going to let the title go that easily as they tied up the game 3-3 almost immediately after the ‘Blanks’ had their lead. The ‘Blanks’ took their lead back with 4 more goals in the 3rd period.

I spoke to captain of ‘Shootin’ Blanks’,Adam Szabo, after the game. Szabo tells me that most of the team met when they were young. “We’ve been playing hockey with and against each other for almost our whole lives.” Szabo names Ryan Schmeltzer as the team’s MVP for tonight’s game because of his 3rd period hat trick.

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Intramural Soccer Class B League Championship

Intramural Soccer Class B League Championship

MARQUETTE, Mich– On Wednesday, April 26, two teams went head to head for the chance at the class B soccer championship title. The competitors were 1 seed, “Bill Clinton” and 22 seed, “Look Ma No Hands”.

How did the 22 seed team make it to the league championship game? That’s a question I asked myself too. ‘Look Ma No Hands’ finished the regular with a record of 1-2-1. They then ended up winning their first 4 postseason games which brought them head to head against the undefeated 1 seed, ‘Bill Clinton’s’.

At the half, the ‘Bill Clinton’s’ were up 1-0 with a goal by Erik Pohlmann. In the second half the ‘Clinton’s’ saw another goal courtesy of Charlie Zuidema, which secured the W for ‘Bill Clinton’.

I spoke to the ‘Clinton’s’ team captain, Erik Pohlmann, after the game. He tells me that the team knows each other from all being UP natives and going to high school together. Pohlmann also tells me that his pick for game MVP is Nick Cattani for making their final game a shutout.

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Singles Racquetball Tournament

Singles Racquetball Tournament

Chloe Gerathy

MARQUETTE, Mich– On Friday, April 21, 9 brave players came out to the PEIF to compete in the 2nd annual singles racquetball tournament.

Racquetball, a relatively easy game to learn, is a hard one to master. The game is played in an indoor court with four walls, a rubber ball, and a small racquet. Racquetball is a blend of squash, tennis and ping pong. The object of the game is to be the first player to win 15 points or 11 for our tournament. Points are earned when the opposing player is unable to return the ball or when the ball hits the ground twice.

At the tournament, each player was guaranteed at least 3 matches. The first two matches were to determine each competitor’s seed. From that point forward it was a single elimination tournament.

The competitors and their seedings were as follows: Isaak Barrera (9), Michael Carl (2), Matt Ferneau (5), Mike Rotundo (3), Brandon Smith (4), Derek Hall (1), Fredrik Schwencke (7), Connor Cappaert (8), Austin Masselink (6).

The final match was between 3rd seed Mike Rotundo from team ‘Some Old Guy’ and 1st seed Derek Hall from team ‘Older than Some Old Guy’.

I spoke to winner and last year’s defending champ, Derek Hall after the tournament. He tells me that he has been playing the sport for 25 years. Dr. Hall began playing racquetball after a double knee surgery made him retire from basketball. Hall’s favorite part of the sport is, “teaching others and helping them get better.”

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