Intramural Volleyball Championship Night

Intramural Volleyball Championship Night

Brookelyn Nichols–

This past Wednesday night, 6 intramural teams gathered in the Vandament Arena for a night of championship volleyball. Each game was best 2 out of 3 sets, and each of the first two sets are played to 21, with the third set (if needed), played to 15.

The first game of the night was CoRec Class A, where we had Drop-in Like it’s Hot vs Kinky Sets. Drop-in Like it’s Hot won the first set, 21-15. The second set was spent taking turns getting points, until Drop-in Like it’s Hot reached 21, and they won the game, earning their intramural championship t-shirt.


The second game was a CoRec Class B matchup between Rough Sets and Bumpin Uglies. While Class B is technically the recreational league, both teams went undefeated this season. After battling out to get to ten points each, Bumpin Uglies took the lead and won the first game 21-13. For the second set, Rough Sets maintained a 10 point lead throughout the entire set until hitting 16. After that they continued to score until winning the game. The last set determined who left a champion, and who broke their undefeated streak. While the entire last set was back and forth, Rough Sets managed to get to 15 first, with a 2 point lead, to win the last set, and the championship.


The final game, the women’s league, was GET SUM vs Make Volleyball Great Again. While it wasn’t always by much, GET SUM, who only had 5 players instead of 6, managed to maintain the lead during the first set. Get Sum won 21-14. When the teams switched sides, they also switched roles. Make Volleyball Great Again kept the lead and won 20-13. The last set determined the women’s champions, and teams needed to get to 15 first and have a two point lead, and GET SUM were the ones to do so, winning the championship title 15-6.


It was a great season of intramural volleyball. This also wraps up the last intramural league for the fall semester. Stay tuned to see which sports we will cover next semester!

Have a great holiday break and best of luck with finals!

Ultimate Frisbee Championship

Ultimate Frisbee Championship

Brookelyn Nichols ~

In the Superior Dome last Wednesday night (Nov 15), students battled it out for the title of Intramural Ultimate Frisbee Champions. The Goon Squad (#1 seed) and the BMS Goats (#3 seed) were the two teams to make the finals.

Goon Squad made the first score of the night to lead 1-0. A score by the BMS Goats tied up the score, 1-1. After another score by Goon Squad, the BMS Goats scored two more times and led 3-2 at halftime.

After half time, Goon Squad was quick to score and tie it up 3-3. Then again, and again, and again, and all of a sudden they led 6-3. With 5 minutes left in the second half, Goon Squad scored two more times to lead 8-3. The BMS Goats got onto the scoreboard one more time, and that would be their final score of the evening. Goon Squad scored again, and the game finished at 9-4. The Goon Squad completed their undefeated season with a 9-4 victory and took home the hardware (t-shirts).

Captain of Goon Squad, Leo Lopez said, “we made it to the final the four last year, and knew we would make it back. We came back this season with more team chemistry.” Dylan Steslicki, assistant captain, said “we had a lot of chemistry as a team” when discussing the biggest strength of the team.

Well that’s all! Have a fun and safe Thanksgiving Break and stay tuned after for more game coverage coming in the next couple weeks!



CoRec Softball Championship in the Superior Dome

CoRec Softball Championship in the Superior Dome

Brookelyn Nichols ~

This past Sunday night was the Rec Sports Intramural CoRec Softball Championship. This is the second year in a row that Rec Sports has offered this league and it did not disappoint. For those that are not familiar with the Softball league that Rec Sports offers, it is played 10 v 10, with a “mush” ball, that must be delivered in an underhand motion 6-12 feet in the air on a pitch. In addition, teams do not use mits, so it adds a different level of difficulty to the game.

In the matchup, we have Bat Intentions (#8 seed) vs the BMS Goats (#2 seed). Both teams come into the championship match with impressive playoff wins and have their hopes set high to take home the highly coveted intramural championship t-shirts.

Now on to the game! After a quick 1-2-3 first inning for Bat Intentions, the BMS Goats quickly got on the scoreboard in the bottom half of the first inning with a sac fly to lead 1-0. A couple innings later, Bat Intentions scored a triple in the third inning, which eventually led to two runs being brought in. Bat Intentions led 2-1 after three.

After a few more innings, both teams stepped up their defense. The next run wasn’t scored until the bottom of the sixth inning when the BMS Goats scored two runs on defensive errors, and then another from a single. The BMS Goats led 4-2 after six innings.

The seventh, and final inning (maybe) added pressure to both teams. Bat Intentions needed at least two runs to extend the game. After a few hits through the infield, Bat Intentions scored 3 runs in the top of the 7th to lead 5-4. Three outs finally came, and now the BMS Goats, down 1, had a chance to win the game or send it to extra innings. Fast forward and we have two outs, runners on second and third, and the game on the line. The score still 5-4.

Next batter up.

The ball is hit directly to the third basemen and a quick decision has to be made by the fielder. Make the throw to first or tag the runner from third. The base runner sprints to home and the third basemen sprints. This is going to be close.

Runner is tagged. Three outs. Game over. Championship t-shirt time.

Bat Intentions wins the match 5-4. “It was exhilarating” said team captain Alex Rice. They went from the 8 seed to being champions. “Our fielding was our strong point, the batting warmed up in post season thankfully.”

Stay tuned this Wednesday for more coverage on our Ultimate Frisbee Championship.




Men’s Intramural Flag Football Championship in the Dome

Men’s Intramural Flag Football Championship in the Dome

Brookelyn Nichols ~

This past Tuesday night called for an Intramural Championship game of Men’s Flag Football in the Superior Dome. In the matchup, we had OJs Parole Board (#1 seed; 7-0) and Bill Clinton (#2 seed; 8-0). The hype was real for this game. The scoreboard was on, fans were waiting to watch, Rec Sports was live tweeting the game, music playing in the background, and the teams were ready to duke it out on the field to see who would take home bragging rights, as well as the highly coveted Intramural Championship T-Shirts.

Early in the first half, OJs Parole Board scored the first touchdown. Was it a sign of good things to come? OJs Parole Board had beaten their opponents by an average of 35+ points per game this season, but Bill Clinton had the best defense in the league, only allowing 2.8 ppg, so this would surely going to be a great match. Just like that, the half ended, and OJ’s Parole Board led 8-0, so the pressure was on for team Bill Clinton to catch up.

If the first half was full of energy, the second half was bursting with energy. Both teams were determined to get the W. After another score by OJs Parole Board, Bill Clinton finally got on the scoreboard with 5 minutes left in the second half to make it 14-7. After a few back and forth drives, Bill Clinton got the ball back with zero timeouts, 45 seconds on the clock, and 90 yards to go to take the lead or tie the game.

Flag football 1

On their last pass, OJs Parole Board intercepted Bill Clinton’s pass, ending their chances of making a comeback. Logan O’Neil, team captain, said winning gave him a, “good, happy feeling. I have been here since freshman year, every year we come up just a little short of winning. So it’s nice to finally win my senior year before I leave.”

Stay tuned for our next championship coverage next week!